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1pixel is a web agency created in 2013 and located in Lyon, France. Our agency is dedicated to providing its customers with open source, powerful, sustainable & flexible apps solutions for their businesses.

We develop on demand apps such as online stores, professional apps and showcase websites using the latest technologies. We support our customers throughout the whole process. 

Powerful apps made by open source technologies

Discover the open source technologies we use to make better apps for our customers !

Symfony framework

This is the standard foundation on which the best PHP applications are built and it will speed up the creation and maintenance of your future PHP web applications. Highly sustainable!

Drupal 8

Drupal is our favourite content management app. With its flexibility and thousands of add-ons it meets all your requirements for powerful and up to the minute websites!

Php - Javascript - Sass

We combine all of these great web technologies so that your content can be run and displayed to your customers in the best possible way.



Git - Gitlab

We are always looking to implement the best practices in our workflow therefore we use Git versioning tools and Gitlab management tools to create our project and to share the process with our customers.


Docker helps us ensure the whole process of deploying your apps on a production server. Secure, fast and lightweight, this is the technology for hosting apps of the future.


Hosting solutions

We offer our customers multiple options for hosting their apps depending on their needs. If you already have your own hosting solutions we will provide you with the full code to deploy your website.

VPS Servers

We use VPS technology which gives us full access to configuring, controlling and monitoring servers. We provide a full range of server machines depending on your resource needs. The server can be upgraded (e.g. more hard drive space or ram etc.) when needed.

Easy & Fast deployment

Thanks to the new docker technologies, apps go from the development stage to the production environment faster than ever before. Productivity is improved for your business!

Remote Backups

We provide additional daily backups to all your apps data.

Your own cloud

Privacy matters for your business. 1pixel provides open source secure cloud services so that you can synchronize data between your devices and share your documents.

Light app hosting

  • Domain name registration
  • Email accounts set up
  • Hosted on 1pixel server
  • Daily automated backup of your data
  • Server specs: several options available
  • Installation / Configuration included
  • Monitoring by 1pixel team
  • Option: Cloud service
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Heavy app hosting

  • Domain name registration
  • Email accounts set up
  • Hosted on your own VPS server
  • Server specs: several options available
  • Installation / Configuration
  • Option: Daily automated backup
  • Option: Cloud service
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Travel Event - CRM

apéro. wine bar & table


Creatis - research laboratory


Roms Action


Fédération Pêche Isère




Team - Network

We are a great team with a huge amount of experience and a variety of skills that will help your business ideas.

Raphaël - developer


Last challenge: Creating a super powerful CRM for @dclubbing

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Fleur - Digital strategy


Last challenge: Editing a gastronomy guide for San Pellegrino

Latest works

Nicolas - developer


Last challange: Developing a beautiful online store for @Aperowinebar

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